The Warden and The Paunch official artwork without logo

[Update #2]: The newest beta update has finally corrected most of the annoying bugs!

[Update]: The next big bug-fixing patch is scheduled for early July.

The Warden & The Paunch DLC arrived a little while ago, bringing with it an assortment of new toys for the High Elves and Greenskins to play around with. More importantly, the accompanying free update also heavily reworked the Greenskins faction, giving them a whole bunch of new tech options, mechanics, upgrades and even units to flesh out their roster with.

While all of this has certainly made the Greenskins one of the scariest factions in the game, especially on the Mortal Empires map where Grimgor seems to conquer all of the Badlands by turn 30, not all units have received the same amount of love. While the Goblin and monster contingent has been buffed to high heavens, the poor Orcs themselves have been left in the dust, almost entirely useless when compared to the super-powered Goblins.

In order to correct this, as well as spruce up the newly added Black Orc Big Boss hero, Creative Assembly has now released a major beta update - Da Nutz ‘N’ Boltz. As you might imagine, the update brings with it a variety of tech changes aimed at helping Orcs out, reduced recruitment times for some of the higher tier Orc units, a brand new and extremely powerful skill tree for the Black Orc Big Boss, and naturally, and a couple of new balance changes to spice things up.

Basically, the Da Nutz ‘N’ Boltz update has pretty much fixed everything the community has been complaining about over the past few weeks, so if you've been holding off on a Greenskins campaign until all of the issues have been ironed out, this would be a pretty good time to start a WAAAGH! Just don't forget to switch to the beta version on Steam! Your save files and mods should carry over just fine, though there might be some issues with mods that specifically target the Black Orc Big Boss and the Greenskins tech tree in general.

Have fun with the newly revamped Orcs, and if you would like to check out the full patch notes, you'll find them over at the Total War website.