Total War: Warhammer 2 screenshot of Lizardmen fighting Dark Elves

[Update]: The King's Shilling update has now gone live, bringing with it mostly the same changes and bug fixes.

If you've been playing Total War: Warhammer 2 without mods since the last update, chances are you've noticed something's a little bit off. For whatever reason, AI-controlled Vampire Counts, Vampire Coast and Lizardmen factions are currently unable to recruit more than one army. As such, they are basically useless on the campaign map, which only further strengthens the dreaded Bretonnia-Dwarfs-Empire alliance that seems to dominate every Mortal Empires campaign.

Thankfully, the latest beta update has now corrected this problem, as well as a couple of other major issues. First and foremost, multiplayer-focused players will be glad to hear that the massive unit stat bug is now no more. To put it simply, this bug made it so that units receiving chevrons (levels) in battle while under the effects of buffs/debuffs would have their base stats set to an incorrect value. A rather nasty problem given how often it could occur in a single match, so I'm quite happy it's getting fixed so soon after being discovered.

The update has also added a couple of other nice features and bug fixes. The recently decreased mod limited has now been lifted, so if you're a fan of modding your game until it no longer even resembles itself, you'll now once again be able to do just that without any external launchers. On a completely different note, I'm also glad to say that the Vampire Coast is now able to raise dead at sea once again. A relatively minor change in the grand scheme of things, but highly useful in the early game if you love to get into as many fights as possible.

There's a whole bunch of other changes and bug fixes coming in with this patch, including a surprisingly massive buff to Clan Pestilens, so if you're curious you should head on over to the official website to learn more. Have fun, and if you want to test all of this out yourself, don't forget to swap to the beta update on Steam!