Total War: Warhammer 2 screenshot of the Wood Elves and Ariel

[Update #2]: Creative Assembly has begun teasing a major Total War: Warhammer announcement.

[Update]: After a lengthy testing process, the Asrai Resurgent update has now gone live.

As a part of the recent The Twisted & The Twilight update, Total War: Warhammer 2 has reworked the Wood Elf campaign from the ground up. This included an entirely new set of campaign mechanics centered around healing magical forests, new legendary lord abilities and buffs, widescale unit rebalances, the removal of army restrictions and the addition of a whole bunch of new events, and the list goes on for a while.

Given the sheer size and scope of the update, it was bound to happen that some of these features would ended up being a bit lackluster. The main example here is the Forge of Daith, the main campaign mechanic for the titular Sisters of Twilight that's supposed to shower them in powerful magical items, yet mostly just dispensed complete junk on a semi-frequent basis.

In order to sort this out, as well as make the choice between permanent and temporary upgrades a more interesting one, Creative Assembly have now released a beta update with a whole bunch of changes. All of the items have been rebalanced so they're actually worth the consideration, while the process of super-charging an item will no longer revert it back to its base level.

Additionally, Creative Assembly has greatly buffed Wood Elf offices in order to help promote a more distinct playstyle for each lord. Orion's campaign is now all about going on massive raiding expeditions deep within enemy territory, while Durthu's new office buffs allow him to go with a more defensive playstyle without constantly skirting bankruptcy. Needless to say, these are relatively small changes in the grand scheme of things, but combined with some of the bug fixes and tweaks, they should definitely make even the old Wood Elves a bit more exciting to play as.

You can read the full list of changes, as well as check out the beta for yourself, by hopping over to the official website. Have fun!