Total War: Troy artwork for the Rhesus & Memnon DLC

[Update]: Total War: Pharaoh will be Creative Assembly's next mainline, historical grand strategy game.

Creative Assembly said they would keep supporting Total War: Troy well after its launch, and judging by how things panned out they certainly weren't joking about that. So even though the much-anticipated Total War: Warhammer 3 is currently the main focus, Total War: Troy is still getting a brand new faction DLC later today - Rhesus & Memnon!

As the name would imply, the DLC will bring with it the Thracian tribes led by Rhesus, as well as the kingdom of Aethiopia alongside its ruler Memnon. Each of the two factions will offer a large array of new units to play around with, unique campaign and battle mechanics, and naturally, new rituals and decrees to spice things up between battles.

If you're wondering what all of this looks like in actual gameplay, wonder no more as Creative Assembly has released some rather detailed previews. Here's two of them, the first focusing on who the two leaders are and the second on their campaign playstyle:

Much like the previous few, today's DLC will also be accompanied by a sizable free update. It'll bring with it the ability to trade island regions, the option to speed up construction by paying gold, a new mechanic that lets you spy on your enemies, along with a new auto-resolve prediction system to help you decide when you're actually needed on the battlefield.

You can read more about these changes, as well as the Rhesus & Memnon DLC in general, over at the Total War website.