Total War: Thrones of Britannia artwork of a viking ship

The upcoming Thrones of Britannia is the very first of the Total War Saga series. What this means is that instead of trying to capture an entire historical era, Thrones of Britannia will offer a detailed look at some of the most interesting events that happened in a relatively short time frame. In terms of gameplay improvements you can expect to see the most detailed Total War map to date, ten playable and diverse factions, a variety of victory conditions that align with each faction's history, and perhaps most importantly, some major changes to how recruitment, politics and research is handled.

The Windows version of Thrones of Britannia is set to arrive this April 19th, but if you prefer to do your gaming on Mac or Linux there's no need to worry as the developers have just confirmed that it will be making its way there as well. Unfortunately, there is currently no release date set, but according to Feral Interactive the Mac and Linux ports are going to arrive "shortly after the Windows version."

For those of you that don't feel like waiting, it is worth mentioning that purchasing either version on Steam will give you access to all three. So if you want to start you campaign on the Windows version the moment it launches, feel free to do so as you'll be able to easily switch to the Mac or Linux versions once they finally arrive. I'm not sure if your save files will carry over, but even if they don't that shouldn't be too much of a problem given how Total War games are played.

If you would like to learn more about Thrones of Britannia and some of its factions I would suggest going over to Steam. As always, Creative Assembly has done an excellent job highlighting all of the major features and improvements, so you should get a good idea of what to expect from Thrones of Britannia. And finally, let me leave you with one of the recent developer videos discussing some of the above-mentioned changes. Enjoy!