Total War: Three Kingdoms screenshot showing a close-up battle

After going through a bit of a delay, Total War: Three Kingdoms has recently made its way to PC alongside some highly positive reviews. Out of all the new features Three Kingdoms brought with it, the two completely different campaign modes are quite possibly the best idea a Total War game has had in a long while!

Instead of forcing everyone to play a realistic campaign like Rome 2's or a completely and ridiculously over-the-top one like Warhammer 2's, Three Kingdoms has wisely opted to give players access to both. So depending on your choice between "Records" and "Romance" modes, you can either try to relive a pivotal moment in Chinese history, or just go full Dynasty Warriors and mow down hundreds of troops with your godlike generals.

If you're wondering what the two game modes look like in gameplay terms, as well as what makes each of them unique, allow me to share with you the latest developer video highlighting just that. Have a look:

You can learn a little bit more about this split, as well as Total War: Three Kingdoms itself, by hopping over to Steam. Have fun mowing down entire armies with Lu Bu!