Creative Assembly canceled extraction shooter Hyenas official key art

In an announcement that is probably not going to come as too much of a surprise given the extremely low levels of excitement surrounding the game, Total War studio Creative Assembly have now revealed that their extraction shooter Hyenas has been canceled. Additionally, some of the upcoming unannounced games have been canceled as well, though unsurprisingly no details have been given about them.

The truly unfortunate news it that these cancellations will be followed by a restructuring within Creative Assembly, which is a polite way of saying that some of the staff is going to be losing their jobs. On the positive side, Creative Assembly has announced that they'll be working on reallocating as many people as possible to new roles within the company, so with a bit of luck, the human impact will be minimal.

"We have always aimed to operate as a 'people-first' studio; this is foundational to our values and culture," reads the brief update. "While we must go through this incredibly difficult process, we will prioritise supporting our people at every step."

"Our commitment to our projects and players has not changed; w e will deliver more incredible experiences to our players all over the world for decades to come. While this is a difficult moment across CA, we look forward to sharing more about our plans in the future."

All of this is unlikely to impact the Total War series in the near future, especially since Total War: Pharaoh is almost upon us. That said, Total War: Warhammer 3 has been floundering recently due to a lack of support seemingly caused by only a skeleton crew working on the game, so with the Hyenas team being moved around the company, there is a chance that might change for the better. If it does, it'll likely take a while as new people will need a fair few months to get used to the new project, so don't expect to see any massive changes until at least early next year.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once anything interesting gets announced. Until then, have fun with Pharaoh!