Total War Saga: Troy artwork showing off the minotaur

The divide between Total War: Three Kingdoms and Total War: Warhammer 2 is fairly self-evident. The first is almost entirely focused around portraying historical events with appropriate units and technology, while the second is a completely crazy fantasy world where half-naked barbarians go toe to toe with rats manning machine guns.

However, when it comes to the upcoming Total War Saga: Troy, things start to get a little bit muddled. There are very few historical records about Troy, and the ones we do have frequently delve into the fantastical themselves. So the big question Creative Assembly had to answer is: do you stick to Troy's historical roots, or do you go the way of Warhammer and just portray characters like Achilles as super-human?

The answer might surprise you as they chose to go for a little bit of both. Instead of simply ignoring the myths and legends behind Troy, they have embraced them and created a variety of units and characters that they feel represent "the truth behind the myth."

"In Troy we’ve created a backstory for our Minotaur that reconciles the timelines and the fact that Homeric Crete was dominated by the Mycenaeans and not the Minoans for at least two centuries after the fall of the latter," reads the dev blog. "We think of our Minotaur as a rebel or bandit king who invokes the symbols of the past to make his claim for power – he uses the bull mask and the double axe as means to connect to the Minoan heritage and incite followers."

"In the game, the Minotaur can be found and recruited in specific locations – including, of course, Crete. Thanks to his size and martial skill, the Minotaur is a daunting opponent to face on the battlefields of the ancient Mediterranean."

Total War Saga: Troy screenshot of what the Cyclops will look

This is what the dreaded cyclops will look like

Personally, I'm not exactly a fan of this half-and-half approach. A giant man wearing an elephant skull and wielding a bone mace is absolutely ridiculous in a historical context, yet nowhere near as satisfying as having an actual cyclops on the battlefield. As such, I can't help but feel like Creative Assembly is just going to disappoint both polar opposites here - those that love historical accuracy, and those that love larger-than-life units wreaking havoc.

Still, the biggest question is going to be how these units will function in-game, and that's something we'll unfortunately have to wait a little while in order to find out. Until then, you can read more about Creative Assembly's plans for Total War Saga: Troy over at the official website.