Total War: Rome 2 screenshot of the Desert Kingdom factions at war

After many teasers and previews, Total War: Rome 2's Desert Kingdoms expansion has now arrived, bringing with it four new factions to enjoy: Kingdom of Kush (Meroe), Saba, Nabatea and Masaesyli. As you might expect, each of the factions comes with new units, building chains, technology trees, as well as individual traits to make them a bit more unique and exciting to play.

If you're wondering how all of this translates into gameplay, allow me to share with you the recently posted developer preview showing off the Nabatea faction. It's a fairly long and in-depth video, so you should get a pretty darn good idea of what Nabatea and the Desert Kingdoms in general are all about. Have a look:

Besides all of the paid content, this update has also brought in some rather interesting new features and quality of life changes for all factions. For example, female characters can now occupy social/political roles and even lead armies as generals, there is a brand new button that lets you merge units, and perhaps most importantly of all, the Guard Mode stance has finally made an appearance. So if you're tired of watching your units break formation in order to chase routing enemies for no reason, this is the update for you!

You can learn more about the Desert Kingdoms expansion, as well as the accompanying update, by heading over to Steam. Have fun stomping over enemies with your elephants!

Total War: Rome 2 Desert Kingdoms screenshot of war elephants