Subterrain has a very interesting take on the survival-horror genre

Subterrain is a top down open-world shooter with randomized levels and big focus on survival which includes things such as eating, sleeping and even attempting to find a place where you can safely take a dump without getting your face chomped off. You can also craft a lightsaber, yep.

After a rather successful Early Access campaign and a lot of very positive reviews Subterrain will be fully released on Steam this January 21st. Here's the release trailer:


Despite Subterrain seemingly having all of the roguelike elements such as different ways of tackling combat, randomized levels, survival elements and so forth it actually isn't one. You are free to save and reload as frequently as you want (in the normal mode anyway) and you will most likely take the game up on its offer as Subterrain is by the accounts of many a rather hard game.

The start of the game coincides with the beginning of the infection but as time goes on and you explore different areas the infection will begin to spread and evolve. What this means in gameplay terms is that enemies change and become stronger over time so you can't dilly dally forever as you attempt to bring power back to the entire station and make your escape.

The interesting thing here is that while the enemies are transforming you will have a good window of opportunity where you will be able to strike them down with ease thus solving problems before they even appear. But to do so you'll have to risk trips in to unexplored areas, areas that just might contain those scary evolved creatures.

But perhaps the most unique aspect of Subterain is the need to perform basic human functions in a world where everything is trying to kill you. Would you feel safe going to bed with mutants roaming everywhere or would you battle fatigue and push yourself for days on end? The same goes for wounds which can get infected, bleed and so on unless you properly treat them which might require access to materials you simply don't have right now.

I haven't played Subterrain myself but it definitely seems unique enough that I can suggest you at least give it a look.