Official art for Battlerite

Today's Battlerite update is going to be a very important step towards the full free-to-play release. Besides bringing with it a greatly improved user interface, the pre-launch patch will also rework the Battlerite system, add a brand new game mode, as well as rebalance some of the more oppressive heroes and abilities. On first glance this might not sound like much, but when it comes to the actual gameplay the effects are going to be rather immense!

The new Battlegrounds game mode will be all about capturing points and completing objectives during which one team will play as the attackers and one as the defenders. This will be an entirely casual (and unranked) game mode designed around quick bursts of fun, but since it will feature all of the same spells and abilities it will also serve as an excellent place to practice new heroes without letting your team down.

As for the new Battlerite system, its a lot more straightforward than before. Instead of choosing one new Battlerite each match, you will now have to choose five Battlerites at the very beginning. This, combined with most of the super-powerful Battlerites being split up, should greatly enhance the number of viable playstyles, especially for heroes that relied on round 3 or 4 Battlerites to truly shine. And speaking of balance, you'll also be glad to hear that this patch has nerfed some of the most powerful heroes around, including the ever-present Shifu! He was overpowered in Bloodline Champions, he was overpowered in Battlerite, and now finally, after many years of waiting, he has been brought down a peg!

You can learn more about this update, as well as Battlerite's plans moving forward, by heading over to the official website. As for the update's release date, you can expect to see it arrive later today, though no specific time has been given just yet.