Titalfall developers are working on a third-person Star Wars game

Stig Asmussen, Game Director at Respawn Entertainment, announced today that the studio is working on a brand new Star Wars game that aims to be respectful and faithful to the legacy at all times.

While very little is known about the actual game, Asmussen did reveal that it will be a third-person action/adventure set in the Star Wars universe, and given that Titanfall 2 features giant mechs with swords I'm hoping this means the technology for some amazing lightsaber fights will be easy to come by.

Furthermore, according to Asmussen the as of yet unnamed Star Wars game will continue Titanfall's dedication to "slick, larger-than-life action and fun, groundbreaking mechanics", concepts that are rather exciting on their own, but offer us very little insight in to the nature of the game itself.

As for the release date, I wouldn't expect it to arrive any time soon because a quick glance through Respawn's "current openings" page reveals a bunch of holes in some extremely key areas, holes that will first need to be filled before proper development can begin, and its hard to tell how long that will take.

While we might be waiting for a while, as long as the team embodies the same sort of passion Asmussen channeled in the announcement I have a feeling it'll be well worth all of the thumb-twiddling:

"Looking back to 1977, I witnessed Star Wars unleash its magic on the big screen, forever changing me (little did I know how much at the time).  The crazy thing is this magic doesn’t have a shelf life.  Decades later I observed the same wonder in my kids’ eyes as they watched A New Hope.  What a rarity, for a book, a film, or even a game to have that kind of impact, spanning several generations, even promising to continue into future ones.  The opportunity to be a part of that is not something to take for granted.  This is an opportunity that I, the team, and Respawn could not and would not pass up.

This is the chance of a lifetime."