Titanfall 2's Monarch Titan charging forward screenshot

Before Titanfall 2 even launched Respawn promised that they would keep supporting it well after release, and so far they have managed to do so admirably. They've already added new maps to mess around with, a new action-packed game mode, new weapons, and soon enough a new Titan as well.

The upcoming free May 30th update will add a remastered version of the Relic map from the original Titanfall, a bunch of new cosmetics including the Ronin and Tone Prime, a new execution utilizing Cloak, some much needed reworks to Crashsite that will make it a lot more pleasant to navigate, and most importantly, a new Titan by the name of Monarch! Respawn still hasn't revealed what exactly the Monarch Titan will be all about, but from their hints so far it seems that the Monarch will be a hybrid capable of both protecting allies and dishing out a fair bit punishment.

Details will be coming tomorrow in the form of a preview trailer, but if you don't feel like waiting you can get a few more tidbits of information over at the official announcement. And since I can offer you very little else, allow me to send you off with a few images showing the new Titan, map, and cosmetics:

Titanfall 2's reworked Relic map

Titanfall 2's Ronin and Tone Prime cosmetics

Titanfall 2's Ronin Prime in action

Titanfall 2 Monarch Titan