Titan Quest's Anniversary Edition screenshot of a desert battle

Titan Quest, along with Diablo 2, used to be one of those games I played for innumerable amounts of hours every single day. While I still consider it to be one of the best ARPG games out there, there is no denying the simple fact that the original version of Titan Quest is a buggy mess that's also prone to frequent crashes.

As it turns out, THQ Nordic is also well aware of these problems, but unlike me they were in a position to actually do something about it... and so they did! The end result of all their hard work is the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, a massively updated version of the original that includes the Immortal Throne expansion and over 10 years of bug fixes.

Since there is unfortunately no official trailer showcasing the differences between the two versions, allow me to instead show you the Immortal Throne story trailer/intro cinematic. It has aged surprisingly well, especially when you consider how far we've gone in terms of graphics. Have a look:


If you're interested in reading all of the changes you will find the full patch notes over at the official website. Do be warned, however, if you actually decide to read through all of it you might just end up being trapped in there forever as calling the list extensive would be a severe understatement!

As an added bonus, anyone that owns Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, or Titan Quest: Gold Edition on Steam has already received this newly reworked version. You should be able to find it in your Steam library right away, so don't spend 10 minutes searching through the storefront trying to figure out how to unlock it... not that I would know anything about that!

For those among you that don't own a Titan Quest game on Steam, THQ has prepared a 75% discount until September 7th (24 hours from the time this post goes up). You can grab the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition at €5 price tag on either Steam or GOG, but do make sure you do so before the price goes back up to €20. Have fun!

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition screenshot of the desert zone