This War of Mine update brings mod support and allows users to edit the entire game

As you might have noticed previously I am a big fan of modding, I believe they extend a game's lifespan way past what it would normally be and they tend to fix almost every issue I have with a game.

So it is with a smile on my face that I'm here to tell you that the very depressing This War of Mine now has full mod support. You can create and edit anything from items and weapons to scenarios and locations themselves.


 Here is the full list of options you have with the new modding tools, straight from the developers:

Modding Tools Features

- creating and editing scenarios

- creating and editing items

- creating and editing crafting recipies

- creating and editing weapons

- creating and editing visits

- adding custom sounds and music

So there you have it, with the now released mod tools it seems the community will be able to edit almost anything in the game which result in some rather interesting stories. I for one am looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

And if you're on the fence about This War of Mine I would say wait for the Steam sale that's coming soon but definitely go for it. It is one of the few games that shows the true horrors of war, and not just from the point of view of the soldiers.