This War of Mine Anniversary update official screenshot

In celebration of This War of Mine's two year anniversary, the developers have released a free Anniversary Edition Update/DLC for everyone to enjoy. There's new characters to interact with, new locations to explore and potentially lose those characters in, and most intriguingly, a brand new ending to discover!

If you're up for a brief sneak peek at some of the new additions, as well as an equally brief message from some of the fans, I would recommend you check out the recently posted video. You'll find it right below:

"That success has given our company amazing opportunities to grow and explore new projects, such as Frostpunk, and that’s only possible because of the people who believed in This War of Mine in the first place.

That’s why we are releasing the Anniversary Edition; a complete retail package with new characters, new locations to explore, and most importantly, a whole new ending. This content is also available completely free to owners of the base game."

While its been quite a while since I've last played it, I can comfortably say I've enjoyed my time with This War of Mine... though maybe enjoy isn't the best word to use given the topics at hand. Either way, if you're interested in a story about war that isn't told through the eyes of someone wielding a giant cannon, you might just find this one to be quite compelling.

This War of Mine Anniversary Edition screenshot showing off some destroyed buildings

This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition screenshot showing off some desolate wastelands covered in snow