The Witcher 3's Super Turbo Lighting mod screenshot

If you're a fan of messing around with visuals in an effort to create more realistic images, you'll be glad to hear that The Witcher 3's long-awaited Super Turbo Lighting mod version 3 is now available. In short, the STL mod is a slightly rework how lighting functions in The Witcher 3, with each and every single zone receiving numerous changes to it more similar to the 2014 preview build.

But rather than just blabber on about something completely visual, allow me to instead show you the recently posted preview video. Before you start watching, however, I would recommend slightly decreasing the volume because the vocal portions of the song are loud enough to wake the dead. Anyway, have a look:

If this seems like something you might enjoy, simply head on over to Nexusmods for both the download and the installation instructions. Since the whole mod is larger than 2MB you will need to make a Nexusmods account before you're allowed to download it, but the whole process is fairly simple so don't let that stop you. Enjoy!