The Witcher 3: Super Turbo Lighting mod 3.0 screenshot featuring the wide open enviroment

If you enjoy messing around with The Witcher 3's visuals in order to make it more realistic, or less realistic depending on your preference, you'll be glad to hear that the Super Turbo Lighting mod version 3.0 will be released in the near future. Trying to explain what it does is a bit complicated, but let's just say that its a slight rework of how lighting functions in The Witcher 3, with each and every single zone receiving a couple of change to make them look a bit more distinct.

Since trying to explain all of this through words alone is a fools errand, allow me to instead show you the recently posted preview trailer. Before you dive in, however, I would suggest slightly decreasing the volume because the song that plays throughout the video is loud enough to deafen those with headsets. With that warning now out of the way, have a look:

For those of you that would like to give the mod a try right now and don't feel like waiting until version 3.0 arrives, you can do so by heading over to Essenthy's Super Turbo Lighting Nexus Mods page. Enjoy, but do make sure to create a backup save before you do anything... just in case!