The Witcher 3's beautiful sea, whales, and a dragon

Throughout my 20 or so hours with Blood and Wine (you can read my review here) I can't say I ever encountered any serious bugs, but as is to be expected with open world games there were a fair few "land mines" people ended up stepping on. While I haven't heard any reports of game-breaking issues, there were still some that completely stopped quest chains from progressing, caused Roach to flip out even more than usual, and other such unpleasant things.

Thankfully, most of these problems should now be resolved for the PC version as Patch 1.22 has recently been made available. For those of you playing on the console versions, worry not, the update will be coming your way in the near future as well.

If you're interested in the full patch notes CDPR has compiled them all into a single PDF, though unfortunately they don't seem to be organized in any sensible fashion. In other words, you're just going to have to read through them all in order to figure out if your issues have been resolved.

To put it simply, Update 1.22 has brought with it numerous fixes to Roach (most notably in regards to his animations and AI), improved upon the inventory system, added a new crafting recipe, tweaked various quests, and naturally, made some quests actually work for the unlucky few that had managed to completely stall their game on them.

The patch is already available, and if you're using the Galaxy client you probably already have it without even realizing, but for everyone else, make sure to update it manually in order to make your wine-drinking experience as bug-free as possible.

The Witcher 3's open world is a strange place