The Witcher 3 first person mode mod screenshot

I consider The Witcher 3 a golden standard when it comes to open-world exploration. The various locations you can visit are absolutely gorgeous, the writing and voice acting are almost universally stellar, and the majority of the quests are interesting enough that it never felt right skipping them. However, I still have to admit that there is a certain level of immersion unique to The Elder Scrolls series simply due to the first person perspective bringing you closer to the world.

As it turns out, there is a solution to this little conundrum, and it comes in the form of Skacikpl's The Witcher 3 First Person mod. Rather than waste your time explaining what the mod can do, here's a video showcasing the first person perspective in action:


While this should be obvious given the various warnings and clipping issues, the First Person mod is still under heavy development and is by no means finished. Then again, even when you consider all of these flaws its still an impressive mod, and one that manages to make The Witcher 3's world feel even more immersive than it already is. I have no idea if it'll even work since I can't test it, but this mod combined with a VR headset seems like a match made in heaven, provided heaven has a rather beefy PC capable of running it.

As far as first person combat, horse-riding and dialogue are concerned, these are features Skacikpl has already given up on due to the need for engine-level tweaks in order to make them work. The combat, for example, was so nauseating that none of the testers could comfortably play it for very long, and when you add the various clipping issues to the batch it becomes increasingly obvious why these features have been put on the back-burner, or just scrapped entirely.

If you would like to give the First Person mode a try, you can download it by heading over here, but remember, this is still an experimental release! If you encounter any bugs or wish to offer feedback, the best place to do so would be this thread on the CDPR forums. Have fun!

The Witcher 3: First Person Mod allows you to see your legs

You can actually see your legs!