Shadow Warrior 2 action screenshot

If you're a fan of old school shooters that focus on absolutely ridiculous weaponry, tons of explosions, and an even bigger amount of really crappy puns, you're in luck as the "Wang-tastic" Shadow Warrior 2 has just been released on PC. I've played it for around 20 minutes, so don't take this as a comprehensive review of any sort, but so far its been pretty damn good!

And for those of you that doubt me when I say that it contains an incredible amount of really, really bad 'Wang puns', just have a look at how cheesy the launch trailer is. Naturally, all of this is being done in good fun, so don't worry about the jokes interfering with all of the slaughter - that is still front and center! Anyway, enough rambling, here's the video:

If all of this has you intrigued and you feel like you need a bit more Wang in your life, but aren't willing to dish out for all of those expensive accessories, you can find Shadow Warrior 2 on Steam and GOG. As for the price, I'm afraid there is no discount, but at least the developers are aware that $=/=€ given that Shadow Warrior 2 costs $40/£35/€37! Its not much of a difference, I'll be the first one to admit that, but its still refreshing to see a developer that cares for the regions where those few Euros really do matter.

Have fun!