The Walking Dead: Michonne is a brand new mini series coming February 23rd

Rather than continue on with Clementine's story The Walking Dead: Michonne mini series will serve as a bridge between Robert Kirkman's comic universe and that of Telltale's The Walking Dead.

As you might guess from the title the story will follow the bad-ass but mentally unstable Michonne during her untold journey between comic issues #126 and #139 where she left and subsequently rejoined her friends. Here's the gameplay video:


Even though basing opinions around 5 minutes of gameplay footage is incredibly daft it does seem to me that TWD: Michonne portrays the character, her struggles and the world she inhabits rather well, albeit with far too many fortunate coincidences that result in her survival. That small nitpick aside I'm still looking forward to it, I've played and greatly enjoyed almost every Telltale game so far and odds are this one won't be any different.

As for the release date, the first episode titled "In Too Deep" will be out on February 23rd for the PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Android and iOS versions coming on February 25th. Subsequent episodes will be released in monthly intervals and the series is expected to wrap up in April.

Besides the Michonne mini series the folks at Telltale are also working on The Walking Dead: Season 3 starring Clementine though they weren't willing to share much information about it right now. On the positive side, at least we know for certain that there is much more to come.