Northgard official artwork for the Raven clan

[Update]: Clan Raven has now arrived to Northgard alongside a rather amazing patch that fixed up most of the technical issues.

Northgard is a viking themed real-time strategy game from the makers of Evoland. While this is an overly simplistic comparison, you can imagine it as a more action orientated take on the Civilization formula. What I mean by this is that Northgard shares a similar focus on city-building, resource management, and open-ended playstyles that allow you to take your clan in whichever direction you wish.

And if that direction happens to be pointing towards the sea, you're in luck as the upcoming Raven clan is composed out of great explorers and merchants. The Raven clan starts with the Trading Lore automatically researched, and the generic Seaferer's Hall replaced with the Harbor from which you can launch vast amounts of angry vikings to pester all of your neighbors. And as an added bonus the Raven clan will also be able to pay for colonization with gold, which should allow them to expand at quite the rapid pace.

The Raven clan is still in development, but if you would like to give it a try first hand you can visit the developer at Pax East. As for the release date for this update, I'm afraid its currently as mysterious as the raven, but I'd imagine its going to come rather quickly after the developers are back from the convention.

If you would like to learn more about Northgard you can find my review/preview by heading over here. But if you're just looking for the short version, here it is:

"Even though it is by all means unfinished I've had a great deal of fun with Northgard so far. Most RTS games these days shower you with resources and extremely cheap units, so to see a game that actually punishes carelessness is a quite a refreshing thing indeed. Naturally, it is not without its flaws, but since this is only the beginning of its Early Access phase I have high hopes for Northgard's future.

With all of that said, I would still not recommend grabbing Northgard in its earliest state. Its not a bad game, but there is a definite lack of content once you realize how weak the AI truly is. So unless you're a massive fan of the RTS genre, or you wish to support the developers, I would recommend waiting a couple of months."

Northgard screenshot of the Raven clan in game