Vampyr screenshot of London at night

Vampyr is an upcoming vampire themed RPG from Dontnod, the developers you might know from their work on Life is Strange and Remember Me. Rather than be a simple vampire RPG where you slaughter hordes upon hordes of humans, Vampyr is going to come with a bit of a conundrum for the players to solve. On one hand you are a bloodthirsty demon of the night that needs to feed on human blood in order to survive, but on the other you're a doctor that needs to somehow deal with a plague that's sweeping through the entirety of London. Focus too much on saving the city and you might find yourself extremely weak due to starvation, but feed too much on your fellow man and you might just give rise to an organized militia whose aim is to hunt down all of the vampires.

While the recently posted E3 trailer does not explore this topic in-depth, it does an extremely good job of setting up the atmosphere and mood for Vampyr. So if you don't mind cinematic trailers without a shred of gameplay I would suggest you give this one a look as its quite intriguing. Here it is:

For those of you more interested in the gameplay side of things, however, you'll find one of the earlier developer walkthroughs by heading over here. The footage is from last year's E3 so its a bit old at this point, but it should still give you a good idea of what the developers are trying to go for, and what Vampyr is going to play like in general. Enjoy!