Official artwork for the classic FPS Unreal Gold

While it's unfortunately not as relevant these days as it was in the olden times, I am still happy to announce that the Unreal series is now celebrating its 20th birthday. And what better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than by giving everyone a chance to play the game that started it all - the original Unreal!

So if you're up for a blast from the past, simply head on over to GOG or Steam in order to claim a free copy of Unreal Gold. The promotion will only last for another ~40 hours, so if you're interested make sure to pick up your copy as soon as possible.

As for whether the original Unreal is worth playing these days, the answer really depends on what you're expecting. It's obviously dated, both in terms of level design and gameplay sensibilities, but it was and still is a highly enjoyable game. So if you don't mind overlooking some of the major problems that pretty much all FPS games of its era share, then I do believe Unreal is at least worth a try, if only to see where modern FPS games have taken inspiration from.

Oh, and before you dive in, make sure to search for a couple of mods in order to make it behave properly on modern systems. I haven't tried them out myself so I won't recommend any personally, but you should be able to find them fairly easily. And with that little bit of warning out of the way, I wish you the best of fun!