Age of Wonders 3 official screenshot of a battle against an undead dragon

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is set to arrive this August 6th, bringing with it a massive world to conquer, a variety of factions filled with customizable units, as well as a plenty of options to help guide your civilization in whichever direction you want. In order to get everyone acclimated to this style of gameplay, as well as potentially interested in the upcoming Planetfall, the developers are now giving away the original Age of Wonders 3 for free!

All you need to do is head on over to the Humble Store, go through the brief confirmation process, and you'll be well on your way to conquer the world. The only catch is that this whole promotion will last for a mere two days, so do make sure to grab yourself a copy as soon as possible.

As for whether Age of Wonders 3 is worth playing or not, I would say the answer is yes if you're a fan of grand-scale, turn-based strategies. As is tradition with the genre, there are some major flaws you'll start running into once you become really good at it, but until then I feel that Age of Wonders 3 offers a really enjoyable experience. After all, you aren't paying even a single cent for it, so might as well give it a chance.

Whatever your decision may be, you can learn more about Age of Wonders 3 by hopping over to the official website. Have fun, and here's one of the trailers, just for good measure: