Overwatch's new hero Sombra striking a rather menacing pose

If you've spent the past week moping around in Quick Play, constantly wishing you could be playing Competitive instead, I bring some good news! A couple of hours ago the Overwatch Season 3 has begun, bringing with it the glorious return of Competitive Play, and the ability to once again progress towards your next golden weapon.

But before you dive into the placement matches, allow me to first give you a word of warning. In order to ensure that Competitive Play remains as fair and as balanced as possible, Blizzard has made the placement matches much less generous in terms of initial rating. In other words you're probably going to get placed one bracket lower than where you belong, and you'll need to climb up in order to reach your 'true rating', rather than start off with an extremely high rating and then get pummeled into the ground, over and over again. So don't worry, you didn't suddenly become bad, Blizzard is just shifting everyone's rating slightly downward.

As for the PTR changes, most notably the Symmetra rework and the addition of the brand new King of the Hill map by the name of Oasis, those are not yet present on the live servers. And given how both are currently riddled with bugs I wouldn't expect to see them for another week or two, and perhaps even longer. But on the positive side, the rare few among you with a golden Symmetra weapon will get to act all high and mighty until the patch finally arrives!

Good luck with your placement matches, and do try to have fun as well!