The Surge: A Walk in the Park screenshot of an evil mascot

The Surge is a Dark Souls inspired sci-fi action-RPG developed by the studio behind Lords of the Fallen. As you might imagine given its inspiration, The Surge primarily takes place in a variety of bleak and depressing locales, all in all effort to showcase the world's decline.

However, while the developers have done an excellent job of making the world as unwelcoming as possible, there comes a point where one just yearns to see a bit of color in order to break up all of the monotony. As such, you might be interested to hear that The Surge's very first expansion will be set in a more open and colorful environment - a twisted theme park! Have a look, its quite the sight to behold:

There aren't that many details available just yet, but you can expect to see a whole bunch of demented mascots as regular enemies, as well as a variety of gigantic bosses you will need to repeatedly smash over the head with oversized weaponry. There will also be numerous new weapons with unique movesets, armors and implants to further customize your playstyle, and perhaps most importantly, an open-world full of branching paths and secrets to discover.

A Walk in the Park is set to arrive in early December, though no exact release date has been given just yet. If you would like to find out more, however, you should head on over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, let me send you off with a couple of images showing off the various 'attractions':

The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of an ominous theme park

The Surge, A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of robots moving towards the player

The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of a destroyed rollercoaster