Doom marine skin from the new Doom game

Santa is still a couple of days away, but if you feel the need to fill up your virtual stockings you'll be glad to hear that the Steam Winter Sale has now began! I'd wager this isn't much a of surprise for most of you given that the launch date was leaked not once, not twice, but five times already. However, while the reveal may not have been as much of a spectacle as in the previous few years, the good news is that the discounts are just as good!

Cities: Skylines is currently €7, Doom is €20, The Witcher 3 - Game of the Year Edition is €30, Rainbow Six Siege is €20, and these are just the games Steam felt I should know about... despite already owning them! So if you're up for gaming on a discount, head on over to your discovery queue and prepare to make your poor wallet weep.

And while you're there, make sure to cast your vote in the totally not arbitrary and silly Steam Awards. We're currently voting on the esteemed "Villain Most In Need Of A Hug” category with the contenders being Portal 2, Borderlands 2, Farcry 3, Farcry 4, and Dead by Daylight, so you know these awards are serious business! I've personally gone with Borderlands 2 because even though he tried to murder me every time I met him Handsome Jack just seems like a guy that needs a good hug in his life.

The 2016 Steam Winter Sale will be running until January 2nd, and unlike the sales of old the deals will not rotate, so don't feel the need impulse-buy anything. As long as you get it before January 2nd, you'll be getting the "best deal". Merry shopping... and also Christmas!