Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered screenshot of gameplay action

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered infamously launched as a part of the rather expensive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Special Edition package, which obviously ended up turning a lot of people off. As such, you might be glad to hear that the standalone version of Modern Warfare Remastered has just now appeared on Steam, though with barely any fanfare to herald its arrival.

What you might not be glad to hear, however, is that the user reviews are overwhelmingly negative. Apparently the multiplayer scene is completely dead outside of the deathmatch game mode, while optimization and performance issues are so bad they make Infinite Warfare look like a solid PC port. I haven't tried it myself, so take all of that with a few grains of salt, but there do seem to be some genuine problems with Modern Warfare Remastered.

As far as the price tag is concerned, the standalone version will set you back €40 for the base edition, and €50 if you want all of the DLC maps as well. For an HD remaster that also includes microtransactions that price point is absolutely ridiculous, and I would not recommend you spend your money on it in its current state. Once the price tag drops down to a more reasonable range then sure, grab it you're interested in the singleplayer mode, but until then I would suggest you wait and see if it actually gets some much needed optimization updates.