Warframe comic book cover artwork

Warframe is a co-op focused game about space ninjas slicing and dicing hordes upon hordes of monsters and mutants. Given the premise you wouldn't really expect Warframe to have an interesting story, or even a story at all, but the truth is that Warframe's lore is actually quite compelling! Its full of ancient horrors, unanswered questions, dubious allies, and enemies whose hatred for the Tenno (the aforementioned space ninjas) goes far beyond what is expected.

As such, I am quite excited to say that Top Cow Comics will be working on an official comic book series for Warframe. The details are currently a bit shaky, but from what I can tell you the comics will follow Excalibur as he tries to protect a blinded young girl, the last survivor of a recently destroyed village on Earth. The writers are also promising a bunch of hints and teasers for events that are yet to come, but sadly they didn't disclose more than that.

The very first edition will be given away for free to all attendees of TennoCon on Saturday, July 8th. The full release will most likely happen a short while after, though neither party has revealed a date just yet. Since I can unfortunately offer you nothing else in terms of useful information, allow me to send you off with two pages from the comic:

First page teaser of the Warframe comic

Second page teaser of the Warframe comic