SMITE world championship begins tomorrow and a new cinematic trailer has been released

In order to celebrate the upcoming World Championship for their free 2 play MOBA Hi-rez Studios have released a fancy new cinematic trailer titled "To Hell & Back"

Personally I'm not really sure their music choice was a good idea for a trailer of this sort but its still rather nice to be able to see the characters with some high quality models. You can check out the trailer right below:


As for the world championship the best SMITE players from all over the world will gather in order to compete for the prize pool of $1,000,000 on the PC tournament and $150,00 on the Xbox One tournament. The whole event will be streamed on the Twitch SMITE channel starting from 11 AM EST on January 7th.

Besides a staggering amount of SMITE matches you can also expect a lot more information about future updates and new heroes as well as new information on the other games Hi-Rez is working on, namely the FPS MOBA Paladins and the mobile Jetpack Fighter.

Finally, during this event the Ultimate God Pack, which contains every character past, future and present, will be heavily discounted in the in game store so if you ever wanted to give SMITE a try, there's no better time than now.

For all of the details regarding the tournament as well as the full schedule head over to the tournament website.