Grey Goo update brings with it a new faction, the Shroud

Grey Goo is an asymmetric base-building RTS starring three unique races each with their own tactics, ways of expansion, unit composition and overall gameplay style. While I never had the chance to play it myself most of the reviews I've gone over seem to agree on one thing, Grey Goo needs a lot more content given its price point.

The developers were seemingly well aware of this issue as the "Descent of the Shroud" update was announced yesterday and set to launch today, February 1st at 12pm CST / 6pm UTC. Best part about it all? Its completely free! Here's the announcement trailer:


The Shroud are an invasive alien species made out of both organic and crystalline elements. For those of you that played through Grey Goo's campaign they are the fabled "Silence" the Beta were running from all these years.

Much like the other races the Shroud have an unique playstyle which focuses on stealth, deception and adaptation. The Mimic is the Shroud's smallest and weakest unit and while it doesn't pose a massive threat on the battlefield it is able to copy the appearance of enemy units thus allowing you to either sow chaos within enemy ranks or to simply lay low and observe..

While there is no mention of any upgrades the Mimic might receive later in the game I do hope you will be able to enhance its copying ability so it works on allies as well. Nothing like attacking your enemy with "dozens" of top-tier units out of nowhere.

The second major element of the Shroud armies is their ability to change themselves and evolve on the fly in order to either fit different roles or simply increase in power. The one example given is that of the Dirge, a tier 3 unit that starts out incredibly weak but if given enough time and resources might become strong enough to destroy the enemy on its own. 

If you were hoping for more information about the Shroud or what else might be coming with this update I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until it arrives later today as the developers are currently being a big tease.

Grey Goo Shroud faction has some interesting units and buildings

A small glimpse at the Shroud army

If you already own Grey Goo you will receive the Descent of the Shroud update for free and if you don't but find yourself interested you can pick up the Definitive Edition which contains all of the DLC as well as the soundtrack and a couple of other small nifty features for $29,99.