The Ship: Remasted is now available on Steam Early Access

The nautical murder simulator The Ship: Remasted was supposed to arrive last week but was instead delayed in order to add online multiplayer capability, a rather important factor to multiplayer games these days, I think you would agree.

After only five and a half days since that delay, The Ship: Remasted developers have announced that online multiplayer capability is now available and that The Ship has sailed in to Early Access. Here's the teaser trailer and a bit more information on the game itself:


As you can see in the state of the game announcement The Ship: Remasted is currently in a very early alpha state with many features either missing or lacking heavily in polish. On the positive side the core gameplay is fully functional and contains all of the planned melee & ranged weapons, four maps, multiplayer support for up to 4 people and a bunch of other features. 

If you would like to see what's coming up in the future, or what exactly the developers are currently working on, go check out the detailed Roadmap they've posted. Just bear in mind that game development is inherently a tricky business and that features that seem to be coming soon might end up being delayed for long periods of time due to last-minute issues.

Finally, as a small thank you for all of the players that stuck by them, the developers are offering a 25% loyalty discount for everyone that has The Ship: Murder Party in their Steam account.