The Ship developers are looking for some alpha testers to help them out this January

If you've never heard of The Ship: Murder Party you've been missing out. It is an online multiplayer murder mystery game where you are given a quarry to track down and kill while evading your own hunter in the process. The gameplay is probably best described as a sillier and more in-depth version of Assassin's Creed multiplayer but most importantly, it a really fun experience, especially with friends.

The reason I'm mentioning all of this is because I saw on Reddit that the developers Blazing Griffin are looking for more testers in order to ensure that the Remastered (or Remasted as they call it) version of The Ship ends up being as polished and as balanced as possible.

So if you're willing to give an improved version of The Ship a try for free while helping the developers out with some bug-finding now's your chance.

Here's the full set of information from the developers themselves:

"As the year comes to a close, we’re looking at our plans for 2016 and the first thing that’s coming our way is a closed testing phase for The Ship: Remasted.

We’re looking for fans of The Ship to help us test The Ship: Remasted with a particular focus on a few specific maps and the general multiplayer experience (connecting to games, setting up new games, etc).  The game is still in alpha phase, so expect loads of bugs and not all content and features will be available.

Closed testing will start in January 2016 and scale up week to week.

We’re looking for people who are fans of The Ship and preferably have some previous testing experience and enjoy working with games that are still in development.

At this time, we’re alpha testing on Windows only.

If you’re interested, then send us your details via our signup form and we’ll get back to you if you’re selected for a testing group."

Let me just reiterate this once more: Given that this is an alpha test you are bound to encounter bugs so don't just complain about them, rather report them to the developers and ensure they don't end up plaguing the release version of the game as well.

Other than that, do try and have fun because even with a load of bugs The Ship should still be a blast to play, especially with improved handling, collision detection and matchmaking.