Shadowverse screenshot of the Dragoncraft deck

If you're tired of Hearthstone and you feel like giving another card game a try, now would be a good time to dive into Shadowverse. In order to commemorate more than 7 million downloads across all platforms, Shadowverse developer Cygames will soon be giving out seven free Rise of Bahamut card packs to all players.

All you need to do is log in from February 15th until February 27th and the packs will be yours. The only catch is that new players will need to first complete the in-game tutorial in order to receive this gift, but that shouldn't take very long, even if you're completely new to the genre. And if you're wondering what the whole "Shadow of Bahmut" thing is even all about, here's a brief trailer explaining the lore behind the expansion:

And finally, I have a bit of an interesting announcement to share. Shadowverse developers have recently announced a crossover with Street Fighter 5... and yes, you did read that correctly! The details are currently a bit scarce, but you'll soon be able to replace the current in-game leaders with a bunch of Street Fighter characters. Ryu is going to represent Dragoncraft, Juri Runecraft, Cammy Forestcraft, Chun Li Swordcraft, Karin Heavencraft, Vega Bloodcraft, and naturally, M.Bison is going to be the face of Shadowcraft. And just in case you think I'm joking, allow me to send you off with this lovely image of M.Bison being as grumpy as always:

M Bison from the Shadowverse and Street Fighter V promotion