New Overwatch Lucioball map set in Sydney, Australia

After being teased for about a month now the second Overwatch Summer games event has finally been announced. As you might expect, it will come with a whole bunch of new cosmetics, all of the old and awesome skins such as Nihon Genji and Americree, as well as a competitive version of the Lucioball game mode!

The details are still fairly shaky, but what I can tell you is that Junkrat will be getting a cool-looking legendary item, Mercy will apparently receive her best skin yet, and that McCree and Widowmaker players will be very, very happy with their new additions. Jeff Kaplan also teased a brand new something for Roadhog, though its currently unknown whether its going to be a skin, some much needed balance changes, or even just an emote.

As for Lucioball, it will pretty much be the same game mode from last year, though with a couple of balance tweaks. First and foremost, you'll no longer be able to boop the enemy Lucios, so if your favorite position is that of a goalkeeper this should make your job actually possible. The second, and equally impactful change, is the newly reworked ultimate. Instead of pulling the ball closer to you, the new ultimate will make you move much faster, boop the ball much further, and naturally, jump much higher. It has the potential to be even more powerful than the old ultimate, though without any cheesy tactics such as vacuuming the ball straight into the goal after booping away the poor goalkeeper. Oh, and there will also be a brand new Lucioball map set in Australia!

Besides all of the new content, Lucioball will also have a competitive league that will last throughout the event, or in other words, three weeks. Simply playing 10 matches and getting your initial rating will award you with an exclusive spray, while those that manage to achieve the Top 500 position in Lucioball will get an awesome animated spray to show off their achievement. 

The Summer Games 2017 event will be launching this August 8th for PC and consoles. I've covered pretty much all of the important information, but if you're interested in a few more details you'll find what you seek in the recent Developer Update: