Batman: The Telltale Series artwork showing Batman on a skyscraper roof

If you were waiting for Telltale's Batman series to finish before picking it up, now would be the time to do so as the finale is set to arrive tomorrow. Without spoiling too much, Episode 5: City of Light will revolve around the Children of Arkham and their plan to destroy the Wayne family name by exposing age-old ties to the criminal underworld. As you might expect, its going to be up to you to decide how you will prevent disaster and hopefully restore 'peace' to Gotham. But most interestingly of all, you will start in drastically different situations depending on your choices in Episode 4, so there seems to be a good degree of variety when it comes to the choices you can make, as well as their consequencs.

Since there is no trailer available for Episode 5, allow me to instead show you the somewhat lengthy preview trailer for the very first episode, just in case you have no idea what Telltale's Batman series is all about. Have a look:

If all of this has piqued your interest and you would now like to give the Batman series a try, you'll be glad to hear that Telltale is currently offering the first episode for free. Simply head on over to Steam and click on the giant banner that say "Click here to download", after which you'll be able to roam around Gotham as the caped crusader for a couple of hours. Have fun!