Nioh PC screenshot of a duel against a demon

Nioh is a samurai action-RPG with a focus on challenging but fair combat. It features a wide variety of weapons and items to experiment with, an equal amount of deadly enemies to test your mettle against, large levels with plenty of secrets to discover, and naturally, plenty of bosses to bash your head against.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in-game, wonder no more as the developers have recently posted a launch trailer. There's not a lot of straight up gameplay, but it should still give you a decent idea of what Nioh is all about and how exactly it plays. Have a look:

Before you dive into Nioh, it is worth mentioning that the PC port is a bit bare-bones. The graphics and performance are perfectly fine, though you will have to dig up the launcher in order to change the resolutions or some of the advanced options. Most importantly of all, there is basically no mouse support to be found, so if you're planning to grab Nioh make sure you have a controller nearby!

You can learn more about Nioh, or just check out some of the other videos, by visiting either the official website or Steam. And finally, here's a couple of demon-infested images to send you on your way:

Nioh screenshot of a flaming demon boss

Nioh screenshot of a terrifying spider-woman hybrid boss

Nioh screenshot of a duel in the snow against a demon