Snake Pass screenshot showcasing the charming Noodle

Snake Pass is an upcoming retro collecathon where instead of jumping all over the place you'll be able to coil around bamboo, slide alongside walls, extend your body in order to reach distant places, and pretty much everything else you might imagine a snake doing. Since all of this sounds incredibly complicated the developers have decided to release a lengthy gameplay preview showcasing and explaining all of the movement mechanics.

So if you're interested in learning how to become a better snake, and also checking out what Snake Pass is all about, you'll find the developer preview right below. If you want to skip the introduction and just get into the action make sure to set the video time to 1:20. Anyway, have a look:

I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised at how simple they are making the controls out to be. When I first saw Snake Pass I expected you would need to be a Slytherin to be even remotely competent at pulling of all those moves at once, but right now I feel I could do it myself quite easily.

Whether my confidence is justified or not we'll find out soon enough as Snake Pass is set to arrive this March 28th in North America, and March 29th in Europe. It will initially be available on Steam, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but you can also expect it to come to the Nintendo Switch at some point this year. To learn more you can head over to either Steam or the official website.

Noodle from Snake Pass is quite adorable

Snake Pass puzzle-solving screenshot

Snake Pass Noodle swimming screenshot