Secret World Legends screenshot of a giant monster attacking a city

The original Secret World was simultaneously one of the most intriguing and disappointing MMOs I've ever played. On one hand it managed to create actually compelling stories and zones filled to the brim with atmosphere, but on the other hand its combat was so generic and tedious that I'm genuinely impressed it ever saw release. A real shame since the concept truly was great, yet the execution sorely lacking.

This is where the newly remastered Secret World Legends comes into play. As you might expect it retains all of the excellent storytelling and exploration from the original, while also heavily working combat mechanics, progressions, some of the dated visuals, and pretty much all of the problems players ended up encountering throughout their journey. You can get a quick glimpse at what all of this looks like in-game through one of the most recent trailers. Have a gander:

So if you feel like you're up for a narrative-focused MMO, you might be glad to hear that the Secret World Legends has now officially released on Steam as a free-to-play game. If you're interested in what exactly changed between the original Secret World and Legends, or if you're just wondering what the free-to-play version is all about, you'll find your answers on the official website. Have fun dealing with eldritch abominations!