Nier: Automata screenshot of a boss battle

After being slated for a rather nebulous "at some point in 2017" launch, Platinum Games' upcoming aRPG NieR: Automata now finally has a proper release date. You can expect to see it on March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe and Australia, and best of all, the PC version will arrive at the same time as the PS4 one!

As for the trailer this announcement arrived with... well, let's just say that it won't make a whole lot of sense to you if you haven't played the original Nier. That said, have a look, perhaps you will be able to deduce something I could not:

If that trailer was about as useless to you as it was to me, don't worry as I have another, much better one to show you instead. This one is from the most recent E3 convention, and it features a boss battle set to some truly amazing music. So if you're interested in seeing what NieR: Automata is really about, have a look:

And finally, if you're interested in learning more about NieR: Automata I would recommend you head over to the official website. There isn't much available just yet, but with the March 7/10 release date fast approaching I'd imagine its going to start getting quite lively, quite soon.