Rainbow Six Siege screenshot of Echo Operator

If you ever wanted to know what all of the fuss surrounding Rainbow Six Siege is all about, but you didn't really feel like paying €40 to find out, you'll be glad that Ubisoft has now announced a free weekend. From November 16th to November 19th Rainbow Six Siege will be free to try out on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The consoles will have to go through their official marketplace, while the PC players will have a choice between Steam and Uplay, though I'm pretty sure everything goes through Uplay anyway.

Those of you that decide to purchase the full version will also be glad to hear that Operation White Noise will be heading to the test servers on November 20th. It will bring with it a brand new map set in a sky high observation tower in Seoul, as well as three new Operators to toy around with. Here's a brief trailer showcasing the upcoming map:

More details for Operation White Noise will be unveiled during the Pro League finals on November 19th, so if you're interested in learning more, or just checking out what Rainbow Six Siege looks like in the hands of pros, you should head on over to Twitch. If you prefer the written word, however, make sure to visit the official website as Ubisoft will soon have a blog post ready as well. Have fun!