Catherine official artwork showing off the main protagonist

[Update]: The PC version of Catherine has now suddenly arrived on Steam!

After the success of games like Bayonetta, Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles on Steam, it appears that the puzzle-platformer Catherine will be transitioning from consoles to PC in the near future as well. Mind you, we still have no official confirmation, but given the teasers and leaks so far, it really does seem like it's just a matter of time before the veil of secrecy is lifted.

The first and most important clue is that Catherine's ESRB rating has recently been updated to include a PC version. If that isn't enough, you might also be interested to hear that Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Bayonetta have now posted pictures of sheep onto their Steam pages, which is quite significant given how prominently they feature in Catherine.

Another factor pointing towards this being true is the simple fact that Catherine is getting a remastered edition for PlayStation 4 and Vita this February. After all, if there was ever a good time to release the PC version of a fairly old game, it would be right alongside its brand new remaster!

Once more information comes to light I'll make sure to let you know, but until then allow me to leave you with one of the trailers for the upcoming Catherine: Full Body remaster. Enjoy!