World of Final Fantasy screenshot of the two main characters and their pets

Despite the name making it sound like a World of Warcraft rip-off, World of Final Fantasy is a singleplayer RPG that aims to celebrate some of the most memorable characters and monsters from the various Final Fantasy games. However, unlike the standard turn-based combat you might be familiar with from other games in the series, World of Final Fantasy has you capture and combine powerful monsters in order to beat down your foes. The combat is similar in concept to the Pokemon games, though with enough new bells and whistles to set it apart.

If you're wondering what this might look like in-game, and more importantly what the overall story is even all about, you'll find the original PS4 trailer down below. There isn't much gameplay on display, but it should still give you a pretty damn good idea of what World of Final Fantasy is trying to accomplish. Have a look:

While originally available only on the PS4 and PS Vita, World of Final Fantasy has now finally made its way to PC via Steam. Unfortunately, the PC port is a bit on the mediocre side as numerous users are reporting technical issues, and most worryingly of all, a 30 FPS limit! Not exactly ideal for a €40 game.

If you don't mind overlooking such problems you'll find that World of Final Fantasy is quite enjoyable, especially for those of you that are fans of the Pokemon series, but even so I would recommend waiting for a couple of weeks. There is still a chance Square Enix will fix most of these technical problems in the near future, so delaying your first playthrough for a little while seems like a prudent choice. Who knows, you might even see it discounted during the Black Friday sale that's rumored to start tomorrow!

Its a nice art style, but a bit too cutesy for my tastes