Syberia screenshot of some rather large walls

While the recent Syberia 3 has received only mixed reviews, the original point and click adventure Syberia is still widely considered as a classic. So if you're up for a bit of a blast from the past, you'll be glad to hear that GOG is currently giving away the original Syberia for free, and yes, it actually works on modern systems!

It is important to mention that this promotion will only last for two more days (as of the time of writing), so if you're even remotely interested in Syberia you should head over to GOG as soon as possible. You don't even need to install it in order to secure yourself a copy. Simply add it to your GOG account and it will be yours to keep, a process that will only take you minute or two.

If you're not sure whether Syberia is something you would even enjoy, however, allow me to leave you with this fan-made trailer. Its the only one I could find that actually focuses on the atmosphere and music, two things that really made Syberia stand out from the rest of the genre. Enjoy!