The Escapists 2 screenshot of the Map Editor

The Escapists 2, as you would imagine from the name alone, is a sandbox prison-escape game that will ask of you to brawl, sneak, craft, and potentially even explode your way out of some rather problematic situations. When it released back in August it came with a decent amount of pre-build maps, but no matter how good those maps may be, eventually the players will figure out all of the best tricks and the challenge will slowly dissipate.

If you're currently in this type of situation, or if you're just looking for new maps to play, you might be very glad to hear that the PC version of The Escapists 2 now has a fully fledged Map Editor! Here's the recently posted trailer showing it off in action:

The Map Editor is fairly simple to understand, but if you need a bit of a helping hand you'll find the official tutorial over here. Furthermore, there are also two extra maps currently available to play and edit (Slammer Island and Gridline), so if you want to see some of the more advanced concepts in action, make sure to give them a look.

Besides the Map Editor and the two new maps, this update has also brought in a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements. There's nothing too interesting in the patch notes, but if you would like to read them regardless you'll find what you seek on Steam. Have fun with the Map Editor!