Monster Hunter: World screenshot of Geralt fighting a Rathian

While Monster Hunter: World is one of my favorite games released in the past few years, it is not without some major flaws, as I outlined in my original review. For me, the biggest problem lies with the visual quality, because despite Monster Hunter: World's lovely art direction, it's hard to ignore the fact that some of the environment and armor textures look distractingly blurry. This goes doubly so for the Rotten Vale zone where the blurriness can become so overwhelming that the entire landscape starts looking like a watercolor painting.

With that in mind, I am delighted to announce that Capcom has now released a free High Resolution Texture Pack! As you'll see in the comparison image below, the improvements in texture quality are simply incredible, especially for some of the more detailed armor sets. Have a gander:

Monster Hunter: World comparison between standard graphics and the High Resolution Texture Pack

The only catch here is that the High Resolution Texture Pack is a bit of a resource hog. As such, you're going to need 8GB of graphics memory (VRAM), as well as at least 40GB of available hard drive space in order to make use of the newly improved visuals. Quite hefty requirements, but well worth the trouble if your PC is powerful enough.

You can check out a few more comparison images, as well as download the High Resolution Texture Pack yourself, over at Steam. Have fun hunting even prettier monsters!