Injustice 2 screenshot of Harley Quinn

After already being available on consoles for quite a while now, NetherRealm's 'superhero' fighting game will finally be making its way to PC next week. To be a bit more specific, you can expect to see Injustice 2 on Steam this November 14th at what I can only imagine is going to be a €50-60 price tag.

If you're not exactly sure what to expect, allow me to share with you the console launch trailer. It doesn't feature a ton of gameplay, but it should still give you a general idea of what Injustice 2 and its combat system have to offer. Have a look:

There is currently an Open Beta available for the PC version, though it will be shutting down at some point later today. So if you want to give Injustice 2 a bit of a test before opening your wallet, make sure to head over to Steam as quickly as possible because nobody really knows when the beta will actually end. If you prefer learning about Injustice 2 the old fashioned way, however, you should head on over to either the official website or Steam. Have fun with the beta!

Injustice 2 screenshot of a Red Lantern