For Honor screenshot of a knight from up close

For Honor is a highly competitive game that relies on precise movement, attacks and blocks. As such, it was quite strange to see For Honor launch with absolutely no dedicated servers, essentially leaving players at the mercy of other people's Internet connections, with the results being about as predictable as you would imagine.

A whole lot of time has passed since launch, but I am quite happy to say that For Honor will soon be getting its much-requested dedicated servers. And when I say soon, I really do mean soon because the fifth season "Age of Wolves" will be coming later today, while the dedicated servers will be following suit only a few days later, on February 19th!

According to the official announcement, on launch the dedicated servers will focus on PvP game modes and will fully remove session migrations and the problems that come with them. Furthermore, you can expect to see a much more stable and lag-free experience, as well as greatly improved matchmaking that will take ping into consideration. Once the system has been proven a success on PC, and all of the issues ironed out, you can expect to see it implemented on the consoles as well.

As for the update itself, the Ages of Wolves will bring with it major reworks to five heroes, including one of my favorites - the Conqueror! There will also be several changes to player progression and ranked play, as well as brand new training modes that will give both veterans and beginners a chance to hone their skills. The final thing worth mentioning is that the launch of the Age of Wolves will also coincide with the start of a three-week special event filled with opportunities to earn extra rewards and cosmetics. What exactly those rewards are going to be, that's something you'll have to wait for a little while to find out!